What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development. It's a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
TypeScript is a tool in the Templating Languages & Extensions category of a tech stack.
TypeScript is an open source tool with 89.1K GitHub stars and 11.5K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to TypeScript 's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses TypeScript?

4984 companies reportedly use TypeScript in their tech stacks, including Slack , Tech Stack , and HENNGE K.K. .

65951 developers on StackShare have stated that they use TypeScript .

TypeScript Integrations

WebStorm , Prettier , Gatsby , TSLint , and nodemon are some of the popular tools that integrate with TypeScript . Here's a list of all 138 tools that integrate with TypeScript .
Pros of TypeScript
More intuitive and type safe javascript
Type safe
JavaScript superset
The best AltJS ever
Best AltJS for BackEnd
Powerful type system, including generics & JS features
Nice and seamless hybrid of static and dynamic typing
Aligned with ES development for compatibility
Compile time errors
Structural, rather than nominal, subtyping
Starts and ends with JavaScript
Garbage collection
Decisions about TypeScript

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose TypeScript in their tech stack.

Adebayo Akinlaja
Engineering Manager at Andela · | 30 upvotes · 1.6M views

I picked up an idea to develop and it was no brainer I had to go with React for the frontend. I was faced with challenges when it came to what component framework to use. I had worked extensively with Material-UI but I needed something different that would offer me wider range of well customized components (I became pretty slow at styling). I brought in Evergreen after several sampling and reads online but again, after several prototype development against Evergreen —since I was using TypeScript and I had to import custom Type, it felt exhaustive. After I validated Evergreen with the designs of the idea I was developing, I also noticed I might have to do a lot of styling. I later stumbled on Material Kit , the one specifically made for React . It was promising with beautifully crafted components, most of which fits into the designs pages I had on ground.

A major problem of Material Kit for me is it isn't written in TypeScript and there isn't any plans to support its TypeScript version. I rolled up my sleeve and started converting their components to TypeScript and if you'll ask me, I am still on it.

In summary, I used the Create React App with TypeScript support and I am spending some time converting Material Kit to TypeScript before I start developing against it. All of these components are going to be hosted on Bit .

If you feel I am crazy or I have gotten something wrong, I'll be willing to listen to your opinion. Also, if you want to have a share of whatever TypeScript version of Material Kit I end up coming up with, let me know.

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TypeScript TypeScript
Flow (JS) Flow (JS)

From a StackShare community member: "We are looking to rewrite our outdated front-end with TypeScript . Right now we have a mix of CoffeeScript and vanilla JavaScript . I have read that adopting TypeScript can help enforce better code quality, and best practices. I also heard good things about Flow (JS) . Which one would you recommend and why?"

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Martin Johannesson
Senior Software Developer at IT Minds · | 14 upvotes · 625.8K views
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At IT Minds we create customized internal or #B2B web and mobile apps. I have a go to stack that I pitch to our customers consisting of 3 core areas. 1) A data core #backend . 2) A micro #serverless #backend. 3) A user client #frontend.

For the Data Core I create a backend using TypeScript Node.js and with TypeORM connecting to a PostgreSQL Exposing an action based api with Apollo GraphQL

For the micro serverless backend, which purpose is verification for authentication, autorization, logins and the likes. It is created with Next.js api pages. Using MongoDB to store essential information, caching etc.

Finally the frontend is built with React using Next.js , TypeScript and @Apollo. We create the frontend as a PWA and have a AMP landing page by default.

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Joshua Dean Küpper
CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) · | 6 upvotes · 258.8K views

For our internal team and collaboration panel we use Nuxt.js (with TypeScript that is transpiled into ES6 ), Webpack and npm . We enjoy the opinionated nature of Nuxt.js over vanilla Vue.js , as we would end up using all of the components Nuxt.js incorporates anyways and we can adhere to the conventions setup by the Nuxt.js project, which allows us to get better support in case we run into any dead ends. Webpack allows us to create reproducable builds and also debug our application with hot reloads, which greately increased the pace at which we are able to perform and test changes. We also incorporated a lot of testing ( ESLint , Chai , Jasmine , Nightwatchjs ) into our pipelines and can trigger those jobs through GitLab CI . All packages are fetched through npm , so that we can keep our git repositories slim and are notified of new updates aswell as reported security flaws.

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NestJS NestJS
Spring Boot Spring Boot

I am currently planning to build a project from scratch. I will be using Angular as front-end framework, but for the back-end I am not sure which framework to use between Spring Boot and NestJS . I have worked with Spring Boot before, but my new project contains a lot of I/O operations, in fact it will show a daily report. I thought about the new Spring Web Reactive Framework but given the idea that Node.js is the most popular on handling non blocking I/O I am planning to start learning NestJS since it is based on Angular philosophy and TypeScript which I am familiar with. Looking forward to hear from you dear Community.

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Needs advice
JavaScript JavaScript
TypeScript TypeScript

Hi everybody, I'm newbies of TypeScript . I just started learning about TypeScript and I don't know where to start and how to start. I need someone to help with this, maybe share some documents, some experience about it. Thank you very much!

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TypeScript Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to TypeScript ?
Flow is an online collaboration platform that makes it easy for people to create, organize, discuss, and accomplish tasks with anyone, anytime, anywhere. By merging a sleek, intuitive interface with powerful functionality, we're out to revolutionize the way the world's productive teams get things done.
JavaScript is most known as the scripting language for Web pages, but used in many non-browser environments as well such as node.js or Apache CouchDB. It is a prototype-based, multi-paradigm scripting language that is dynamic,and supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles.
Dart is a cohesive, scalable platform for building apps that run on the web (where you can use Polymer) or on servers (such as with Google Cloud Platform). Use the Dart language, libraries, and tools to write anything from simple scripts to full-featured apps.
Babel will turn your ES6+ code into ES5 friendly code, so you can start using it right now without waiting for browser support.
Writing HTML apps is super easy with elm-lang/html. Not only does it render extremely fast, it also quietly guides you towards well-architected code.
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