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My company wants to make some relatively small, self-contained web apps to go through specific engineering analysis workflows.

Each app would involve:

(a) User inputs numbers and tabular data either in a table or from a csv import

(b) App makes plots of this data

(c) App performs calculations based on user input and outputs results as either plots or numbers or tabular data

It seems like there must be zillions of applications where people want these things, so I want a 'low code' approach that already handles a bunch of details so we don't have to. Experience in the past with Angular has involved, in my experience, a lot of low-level coding to 'reinvent the wheel', creating capabilities (like menus to control plotting options like font size) that I'd expect to be very common.

Specific wants:

(a) Plotting capabilities with prebuilt convenient plotting controls

(b) Ability to 'save' and 'load' (as in, you do the analysis and get results and want to save so that you can reopen this save environment with the data and analysis, as if you'd never closed it)

(c) For specific components, ability to swap out the built-in components with a customized plot/widget.

For example, with (c), we might have a situation where we do want to make a custom plot or tool, and would like to be able to drop that into the general application

Question is - does something exist that does what I am describing? What would you recommend? On our list to check out: Microsoft PowerApps , Dash , UI Bakery, Retool , Tibco Spotfire , Outsystems, Zoho, Creatio, or any other suggestions.

Other considerations:

(a) How easy are these apps to maintain (i.e., do they frequently make non back compatible, breaking updates, like they do with Angular)

(b) Need excellent security so I can deploy web apps for large companies

(c) General ease of use (would like to be efficient with developer time).

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