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I was exploring OpenAI's API various endpoints and decided I wanted to show and discuss the possibilities with my teammates (I work as a Digital Transformation Consultant). While I tested making the request and receiving the response in Python, I realized if I wanted to make a working, somewhat presentable prototype fast, Python was not a good choice, even if I was proficient in GUI-Development on Python or some other traditional code tool, I would've have to make several decisions and considerations that went far beyond the scope of what I was trying to do (show case the language models available through OpenAI's API). That's why I decided to use a low-code approach.

On the span of an afternoon I was able to quickly put together a friendly GUI that allowed the user to make requests on various endpoints, play around with parameters, and save the responses on a SharePoint list. Am glad to write my team was really impressed and we all had an amazing integration time prompting the models with all sorts of ideas, from making fun stories about consultants to develop highly optimized SQL code to later use with our clients.

Before any technology choice always have a clear scope in mind and keep a laser focus to it.

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