Hello, it's, good to finally find a community. I am looking for the best route. I just finished studying HTML and I am looking for the best route. I just finished HTML training and I succeeded! so, I want to progress. I have two accredited courses that I have on the shelf ready for learning and don't know which path to take. should I jump right into Python or do I even need to study it first? My other class is CSS 3 , should I take that first? Or should I study something else first and come back to it later? Eventually, I would eventually like to be a full-stack developer if I don't run out of time. I am 52 years old. I learned advanced basics when I was 12 but that was a long time ago. And what else do I need to study? I know nothing about anything except basic HTML and looking for a path.


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You can always bet on JavaScript, you say that you want to be a full-stack developer, so you will never go wrong with that. For a path I would recommend choosing a project you want to build, as many programmers say - "Everything will eventually be built in JavaScript" - choose a project and try to jump right into it, see as many references as possible, watch youtube videos, but most imporantly!! Build something you are passionate about and have fun! :)

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My Advice to you complete the Css 3 first then practice practice practice more and more then go toward to learn JavaScript then after that you become front end but there are some decorators you missed it but don't worry , then select language to learn it to back-end so i suggest for you python more powerful and easy to learn and don't take time to learn it (basic, practice on it some projects, then learn OOP using python on freecodecamp then make 5 projects, then learn DSA, finally enter DB and select flask or django then link between front-end and back-end)

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