I am planning on creating an application using the following tech-stack. Vue.js ( TypeScript ) for the front-end, Django (specifically Django REST framework ) for the server-side work, and using PostgreSQL as the database. Is there any reason NOT to use this tech stack mentioned or are there better options? Without giving away too much info, my app will be logging information from the user, displaying this information, setting goals, displaying visual graphs, a friend system where you can add other people etc...

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Great stack. Very productive and the vue development tools are excellent. The generic views from drf help a lot in productivity

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Oziel Perez
Oziel Perez
November 16th 2022 at 4:58PM

Agreed, a very productive stack. Django takes care of a lot stuff for you down to the serialization of your data models, and Vue is just the best thing out there right now for front end projects, having good component structures while being flexible and easy to use.

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Easy stack to start and develop your product. Vue is easy to learn and use, great support from the community if you have questions. Django is a powerful backend framework, the Django Rest Framework comes with a lot of generic views that you can use which will come in handy. Also, Django admin gives you and out of the box interface for all your admin/support needs.

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